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15 years of VDEL
- M.Prohaska , VDEL Chairman

15 years of VDEL PPT15 years of VDEL ODP

The future of OPEN Source

Dirk-Peter van Leuween,Red Hat Senior Director,
Central&Eastern Europe

The future of OPEN Source  PPTThe future of OPEN Source  ODP

Desktop United/Server United
A.Vasyukov, VDEL Technical Specialist

Desktop United/Server United PPTDesktop United/Server United   ODP

Open MAS-JBOSS Application Exchange
A.Meganov, VDEL Technical Specialist

Open MAS-JBOSS Application Exchange  PPTOpen MAS-JBOSS Application Exchange  ODP

JBOSS strategy
Wanja Pernath, RH Solution Architect

JBOSS strategy  PPT
JBOSS strategy ODP

Lotus Solutions on Red Hat

David P.Farrel,Vice President,Lotus NE IOT

Lotus Solutions on Red Hat PPT
Lotus Solutions on Red Hat ODP

Open Source Virtualization


Open Source Virtualization  PPTOpen Source Virtualization  ODP

VDEL Support Structure

Z.Jaksic, VDEL Chief Technology Officer

 VDEL Support Structure PPTVDEL Support Structure ODP

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